English IIB

English IIB: Course Layout

Unit 1: Poetry

During this unit, students will be introduced to a variety of different poetry styles. Once students have an understanding of the styles of poems, they will proceed to write a variety of different types. We will also be analyzing poems to determine their meaning.

Unit 2: Writing

Students will work through the writing process in order to produce quality writing in a variety of different styles. Students will be expected to create a persuasive writing project during this unit. All students will be expected to produce quality work that reflects accurate writing conventions, creativity, and effort.

Unit 3: The Kite Runner

 We will read the novel, The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini. This novel is fairly controversial, however it helps students build cultural awareness. Based out of Afghanistan, this novel talks about the life of a boy named Amir. He learns a lot about himself, his family, and different cultures. By reading his story, students are introduced to the different perspectives in life.  


Vocabulary will be taught throughout the trimester. We will complete 9 weeks of vocabulary during this term. For each set of vocabulary words, students will be given a beginning worksheet, a crossword puzzle, and a Quizlet. We will also do a variety of different activities throughout the school week.

Video/Article of the Day

At the beginning specific classes students will watch a short video. These articles and videos introduce students to the idea of becoming successful members of society. Motivation, respect,   responsibility, goal setting, and empathy are topics of the video. After watching the videos or reading the articles, students are expected to write or answer questions in response to a variety of different prompts. Proper writing conventions need to be used during this time.