English IB

English IB: Course Layout

Unit 1: Writing  

Students will work through the writing process in order to produce quality writing in a variety of different styles. Students will be expected to write a narrative, a news article, and present a speech throughout this unit. All students will be expected to produce quality work that reflects accurate writing conventions, creativity, and effort.

Unit 2: Romeo and Juliet

This unit uses William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to help students analyze family relationships and fate in the character’s lives, as well as their own. We will be closely examining the role of fate vs. deliberate action and decisions that the characters’ make. By the end of the unit, students should have a sense of the power they have over their own lives and the lives of others by the decisions they make and the actions they take. Students will use independent and group work, vocabulary charts, act outs, graphic organizers, reading skills, and writing skills to analyze and delve into the world of Shakespeare.


Vocabulary will be taught throughout the trimester. We will complete 9 weeks of vocabulary during this term. For each set of vocabulary words, students will be given a beginning worksheet, a crossword puzzle, and a Quizlet. We will also do a variety of different activities throughout the school week.

Video of the Day/Correction of the Day/Article of the Day/Reading and Response

At the beginning of each class, students will either watch a short video, make corrections    to paragraphs, or read an article and answer questions. The videos introduce students to the idea    of becoming successful members of society. Motivation, respect, responsibility, goal setting, and      empathy are topics of the video. After watching the videos, students are expected to write for five minutes in response to a variety of different questions. Proper writing conventions need to be used during this time. With the corrections of the day, students will be given a paragraph containing errors, it is their job to correct the errors. With the article of the day, students read a current-events news article and answer questions.